More forest. Earlier forest.

imageI once had a friend comment on a Facebook picture of my then-boyfriend, “I want to put you two in a snow globe and watch you interact.” Amelia Gray’s most memorable stories inĀ AM/PM take place in a world defined by the rules that the characters are I. stuck in a box with no apparent knowledge of how/why that came to be and II. don’t appear to be getting out of said box anytime soon. My point is that we’re all a sucker for constraints, especially weird ones. We like to be able to manipulate the situation that a constraint puts our characters (or sometimes our real life friends) in. I would argue that the opposite is true, as well. When there isn’t that constraint-open spaces, opportunity for upward mobility, other options, really-the results can be just as interesting. They could go anywhere, be with anyone. So why are they here? Doing that? With them? My ramble is currently being fueled by some feedback I recently received on my writing. Read More