Why I’m done being a brat about bridesmaid-ing

I have a love-hate relationship with being a bridesmaid. I’m kind of a grump about weddings in a way that completely doesn’t make sense with who I am as a person. I can romanticize pretty much anything. I love seeing people in love. I am extra as hell with my Pinterest projects. My family has been known to throw a party or two. Wouldn’t this seem like the right combination of characteristics to be pumped to be a bridesmaid? One would think. And, had my big sister or best friend NOT asked me to be up there on their big days, I probably still would have passive aggressively joined them at the altar. Still, when BFF announced excitedly to the group text the sweet reason she decided to move her wedding up a year, my bratty response was to snarkily act like she was ruining my life by making it the same year as my sister’s wedding (in my defense, I was in Downtown Fullerton and there was some alcohol involved…). Because, you know. Everything is about me.  Read More