Quest for the It Brow-“Growing out” & DIY Tint

So, eyebrows. They’re very in right now, which is unfortunate because I don’t have any. You know the little blonde kid problem where your face is always red and your facial hair is translucent? That was the first 20ish years of my life. (In my defense, eyebrows weren’t really a thing until after I graduated high school). I didn’t even start to color them in until I started dying my hair red and I absolutely had to.

So anyway, when I accidentally hadn’t gotten my brows threaded in a few months, I started to tell people who didn’t ask that I was “growing them in” as an excuse. But then it occurred to me that maybe that could work?! I envisioned myself with those on-trend power brows that I love so much, despite the fact that my facial features had nothing else in common with these it girls.

I stuck with this excuse and pretty much ignored my eyebrows for a year. I pretty much decided I was just going to be one of those girls who didn’t get their eyebrows done. Sure, up close they were sort of a mess, but from far away and in the right lighting they were pretty decent (so long as they were colored in). Which would be fine and all, if I put make up on more than once a week.

So then one day, I’m minding my own business at the gym and this reflection has the NERVE to make me really consider my life and my choices. Turns out the combination of fluorescent gym lighting, my fluorescent complexion, my inch long dark blonde roots, and my post cardio flush led to a familiar look. Red face. Translucent brows and lashes. It was the adolescent flashback that brought me to my senses. The next time I colored them in, all I could see was how the hair around them made them look almost blurry.

Anyway, this was the way too long intro to say that I finally got my eyebrows threaded and growing them in really didn’t make much of a difference after all. You have the brows you have and a year of having them messy isn’t going to change that. But you know what WILL change that slightly?! BEARD DYE.

I did my research and this seemed to be a popular method. It apparently stays better than box hair dye? I also liked the idea that it’s made to be used on your face. This is the video I used from Brookie Beauty! It was super easy and now I have cut out the longest step in my already sparse make-up routine. Here’s how it went.

  • Mix equal parts color and developer (I used Just for Men Medium Brown from Walgreens)
  • Trace around your brows with vaseline
  • Brush on the dye with an angle brush
  • Use make-up remover on a Q Tip to get rid of any mess
  • Wait 5 minutes and then wipe off dye with a make-up wipe to make sure they’re even (At this step, I put more color on just one brow in the light spots and left it one for 1-2 minutes)
  • Shampoo your brows with color-safe shampoo!


So now it’s got me thinking, is this just the life people lead? Waking up with eyebrows you can actually see?! Life changing, tbh. I’ll add a little brow mascara–I use Boy Brow from Glossier–if i feel like being fancy, but mostly now I just brush them in the morning (but never my hair… Gotta stay true to yourself.)

Any beauty hacks that have changed your life? Let me know!

xx, Tab


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